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The Education Charter of the World Freedom Alliance is a set of values and principles developed over many months by members of the Education Focus Group: made up of parents, educators, artists, scientists, political activists.

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The project

Educators of all ages from all learning places, from home educators to places of work from factories to universities, can apply to display the Charter. If successful, you will have access to materials from all the other freedom-loving places of learning. We will have an annual in-person conference for all our members to share best practices and inspire further development.
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I consider our Education Charter as a cutting edge document because it provides a foundational framework based on values and principles, which serve all humans in all unique contexts. It makes everybody a winner by tapping into and developing their human essence.

Philip Keay

A Spiritual Revolution
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YES fully supports the values of the World Freedom Alliance Education Charter… we recognise that… The urgent need of the day is reaching stressed children who are not being served by the current education system.
Fatema Paretha
Yes For Schools

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