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Become part of academic movement for social change

The Academic Council which is specialized agency of Global Civil Society CCLP Worldwide (a special consultative status NGO with United Nations Economic and social Council) is promoting the campaign of Education for Sustainable Development and Livelihood
The Academic Council calls for the nomination of academician, scholars, Scientist, writers, journalist, professionals, experts, Chartered accountants and other professionals for the coveted academic rank as Fellow Chartered Educator of CCLP Worldwide.



  1. Teachers included in the Istituto Academic: http://www.instituto-academico.es
    The Siguientos, Teachers Doctors:
    Prof. Dr. Lamartine Hollanda Junior
    Dr. Thales Castro
    Prof. Dr. Paul Ratnayake RW
    Dr. Vinod Singh
    Dr. Prof.. Elvis C. Enyioko
    Dr. Prof. Sir Varant Zareh Seropian
    Prof. Dr. Majed Al-Lehaibi

    Accredit, filed, report
    In CCLP Worldwide-Spain
    Office of the Commissioner of Education and International Security
    http://www.cclpworldwide.com / esi
    Prof. Dr. Gennaro Rosemary Shepherd, Ph.D, Ds, c
    ID. Card No. 10001045

  2. yogesh says:

    I wish to apply

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