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Why Labs are important for Science Learning


Conscious Parenting compliments Smart Education

United Nations Event attended by CCLP W Delegation

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The Secretary General of CCLPW and UNEDUCH H.E. Enrico Davide gavello led a delegation to attend the  International day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust –
29th January 2018 at United Nations Geneva.

Other Members of Delegation

  1. Hon. Ms.  Lena Bäcker , Additional Representive
  2. Hon. Prof. Bertirotti, Additional Representative

Season’s Greetings


Diplomatic Visit of Secretary General

Academic and Technical Co-operation

kosovo mou

The Internationally reputed Kosovo (Europe) Based College “Globus” has signed academic and technical co-operation in the area of education with International Organization of Education Charter- CCLP Worldwide. Mr. Perparim Kryeziu, Special Envoy of CCLP Worldwide has signed the co-operation treaty with Mr. Enver Krasniqi, Acting Rector of College of International Management Globus at Kosovo.

The Education Charter – 29th Edition to be released

The Education Charter Issue Volume 8 Issue 3 Oct-Dec 2017

NEST Education in School

Meditation in classroom is like icing on the cake

Meditation in classroom is like icing on the cake

Meditation is ancient practice of discourse for improving physical, mental and emotional state by acting as awareness energiser which brings peace, tolerance and solidarity.
This ancient practice is now well accepted in society and education world where concentration, focus and performance are main yardsticks of student development.


Effective communication is key to healthy and connected teacher-student relation

Effective communication is key to healthy and connected teacher-student relation

In Teaching profession, the biggest challenge of a teacher lies in connecting with students effectively. The whole educational spectrum is based on nurturing young minds with care and clarity.